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About Us

Children are the medium of God. So one can very well understand the tragedy a family without children undergoes.
Hence West Fort group took initiative to offer hope for couples around the world in need of God’s presence through one’s own children in one’s own home itself and that exactly is what the renowned LiFE Centre for Fertility strives for.

A centre par medical excellence in Trichur and a dedicated Fertility Centre, LiFE Centre offers comprehensive services in an environment filled with the beauty and freshness of Mother Nature, despite being at the heart of the town. The serene atmosphere around the centre provides a calm and soothing effect to the couples from the very moment they step in here.

 An unpolluted atmosphere is a basic requirement of any IVF centre since human cells like eggs, sperms and embryos are very sensitive to the vibrations, heat, air pollutants etc. and hence being away from them as much as possible makes the cells sharp and healthy. The Hospital is not only excellently equipped with necessary infrastructure for the ultra clean atmosphere but also takes absolute care in preserving it alike.

At LiFE Centre we focus on delivering quality services that ensure maximum possible chance of success for patients in In-Vitro Fertilization and Reproductive Medicine. Our medical experts, thorough-bred in handling infertility cases, keeps in record the individual case history and keeps in mind the fast changing Lifestyles of the present day, always striving to keep pace with it.

The centre easily accessible from main roads, Bus station & Railway Station with extra spacious parking, assures any family of a comfortable stay both before and after the treatment as is the requirement. With rooms well complimented by trained and well mannered staff your stay and treatment at the centre will be nothing short of pleasant and memorable.

So opt for West Fort LiFE Centre for fertility; together let us take those big steps together for those “littlefeet