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Donor Program

Some women are unable to conceive children due to a variety of reasons including poor egg quality or ovarian function, surgical removal of ovaries due to chemotherapy, or genetic issues.  Egg cell donation is an option for couples to have children when it is not impossible to get pregnant by her own egg cells.  We adhere to the rigorous Egg Donation recruitment and matching standards and our team is dedicated to managing the complex donation process and to ensuring the confidentiality of our donors and recipients.

Similarly anonymous donor sperms can be used in a couple If testes of male has no sperms or husband’s sperm carries a genetic abnormality

In addition, we are providing anonymous donor embryos for couples in which both the husband and wife could not use their own gametes for the treatment procedure due to various conditions like poor ovarian reserve, non-obstructive azoospermia.

All these donor programs can be done only after taking a detailed consent of husband and wife and after explaining in the couples’ own language the need of a donor does donor oocyte or donor sperm or donated embryo is used.